Wednesday, June 23, 2010

reader ?: accessorizing

This week's reader question comes from the darling Katie who writes:

"I LOVE the beauty mark! Such a great concept and you and your friend always have the greatest clothes. I like checking to see what sort of combinations you girls put together. I think I do a pretty good job of pulling an outfit together, but I am always at a loss for accessories! How much, what, where, etc. I really like you and your friend's style and am really interested to hear how you decide what accessories to wear. The question would be "How do you pick out your accessories for an outfit, what factors do you consider, etc."

We LOVE this question, and Katie for asking it, because accessorizing is a basic necessity of creating jaw-dropping outfits, am I right?

*My first set of advice is to figure out what kind of accessories tickle your fancy. For example, I am a necklace and belts girl. {H} loves herself some large hoop earrings and a headband.

*Next, get yourself some basic clothing staples that would be easy to jazz up. My fave go-to is a white T and skinny jeans. This is super easy canvas to utilize in order to create killer ensembles.

*My next tip is to go for "high/low" combos, such as a really amazing necklace with a super simple outfit. Don't be afraid to spend money on a signature piece, and don't fret about spending $2 on earrings from F21, either. You should have a good mix of cheap, basic pieces and quality lifelong staples.

*Remember, there should always be one shining star in the outfit. If you are wearing a hundred bracelets, forgo the necklace and wear simpler earrings.

*Shoes can be a real stand out, or simply a by-stander in your wardrobe creations. I am a firm believer in leopard-print shoes because it is the EASIEST way to spice up an outfit. These are my faves {so comfy, I should probably buy myself a back-up pair in case I wear mine out!}

The big trends in accessories right now include:

Brightly colored or embellished flats

{these amazing Steve Maddens accomplish both trends beautifully. $69.95}

Statement necklaces {including bib necklaces}

Anthropologie, $42 {a steal, plus its yellow. DIE}

Anthro, $68

Crystal Bib necklace, J. Crew, on sale from $150 to $95

Gaudy stud earrings
J. Crew, $45.
I. Must. Have. These.

Mixed metallics
J. Crew $58 {would look amazing dressed up or down}

J. Crew, $95

Stackable bangles
F21, $7.80

Sky-high wedges
Jessica Simpson Wedges, $89

As for HOW I choose my accessories, it really depends on how I feel that day, or the look I am trying to convey. Sometimes I build a whole outfit around an accessory, sometimes the accessory is the afterthought. Either way, the best way to start bringing some oomph to your look is to go shopping, see what stands out to you, and go from there! Also, if you go to a cheaper store armed with the knowledge of the latest trends, you can always find what is in style for less {thanks, Forever 21 and H&M}!

Hope this helps, keep the reader questions coming!

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Rachel Hagen said...

Great post. LOVE those flats. I'm thinking they're a need...

Katie B. said...

Thanks Courtney! That was really helpful. I am loving the studs from jcrew. So freakin cute.