Sunday, May 2, 2010


This Weekend's Wardrobe was pretty casual and it comes courtesy of my recent shopping addiction to Ann Taylor Loft. I seriously always thought of this as a "mom" store {wait, I am a mom. whatever.} but I started shopping there regularly last winter. They have the BEST classics! AND they have the most amaze-balls sales.
Like, yesterday, for example, the WHOLE STORE was 40% off. {I know, I should have told you yesterday. Today it does you no good}. AND they always put their clearance on like an additional 50% off. For reals. So, basically I never get anything there full price. I am currently awaiting a sale price for this item in particular, that I know I cannot survive the summer without!!
Here is the break down:
ruffle tank {which I can already tell will be my everyday go-to and I probably need it in every color}: Ann Taylor Loft {they only carry it in stores so don't be mad that I had to forgo the link}
white shirt: D.E.B.
dark skinnies: Gap
earrings: F21
bracelets: Nordstrom and F21

Oh and I did the close up to REMIND you that coraly-peach blush is a necessity for summer!!! Lovey-love-love how fresh it is. {Want to copy me? Buy Style or Fleur Power blush from MAC}


The Cluffs said...

Okay so I am in love with that tank! I might have to copy!

Em said...

Hmm pretty sure I need to go there tomorrow!

porter and karla said...

okay so i was just looking at my friend jennys pics on peid piper and saw that photo shoot of the girls and for some reason thought. . . hmmm i wonder who did all that fun hair and make up. . . low and behold it was you two! how fun, they looked awesome, i loved the lips on the girls courtney.