Thursday, May 6, 2010

It's a Problem

We don't want to be RUDE...

but we can't help but notice these girls that keep popping up in our weekly gossip mag's "what were they thinking" section.

Can we talk about Taylor Momsen's extention disaster situation dot com? I'm sorry but we need an intervention. Is this some kind of practical joke? Does Gossip Girl's stylist think we don't notice her straggley strands of wet noodleism?
And she can't be serious with her mud coloured lips and kohl schmeared eyes. Ugh.

Dear Mischa. Just because it's vintage doesn't mean you should wear it. k?thanks.bye.


Rachel Hagen said...

Ewe. I know. Her extensions are HORRIBLE!!!

Jen said...

Everytime I watch GG I wonder to myself if Taylor Momsen actually thinks those extensions look good-they are awful!
That first pic of Mischa...oh, dear.

Linz said...

HA HA! You are too dang funny, I love reading your posts!

Natalie said...

Just found about your super cute site and LOVE it! When are you gals going to post again! :)