Sunday, April 25, 2010

WW: deja vu

WARNING: This Weekend Wardrobe is what occurs when you shop with your best friend and buy all the same clothes. We should live together. It would be cheaper to only buy one of everything instead of double.

Anyway. I guess it is fun to see how we each styled the outfit differently.

Dress: GAP
White Shirt: D.E.B.
Shoes: BCBG
Belt: F21
Neckaces: F21 and vintage
I'll shamelessly admit this: {H} did wear her outfit on Friday and I wore mine Sunday. But I copied her because I had no creative juices left after styling a photo shoot and doing
18 girl's makeup (photo shoots and prom) this weekend.

Stay tuned for pictures from our Pied Piper photo shoots!!


Kat White said...

court you are so freaking cute i cant even take it

Jaime Stephens said...

I love the double wardrobe you both wore it beautifully... You know what I would love as a reader... Links to your cute clothes, so you know I could copy your clothes :-) I looked on and just could not find that dress...

The Rogers said...

Sad song! I will totally start linking my clothes if they are still available, which this dress, unfortunately, is not. I believe we bought them last fall :(

Jaime Stephens said...

Thank you and that is a sad song, darn..

bailey michael said...

thank you jaime for asking that! i looked for that dress too! haha. and courtney, you;re just too cute!