Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I kind of really love the "&" sign.

Is that weird?

I came across this necklace and my heart skipped a beat.

I have pretty much been asking Hudson for it since Valentines Day, but I feel like it is not the same if I have to order it myself {which, incidentally I would, since he probably would not get the order right}.

Necklace found here.

Should I just bite the bullet and buy the necklace myself?

{and just in case you were wondering, I would have the initials be "H" & "C" and the word be "bear" instead of love, since that is what me and Hudson {pretty much exclusively}
call each other. I know. Cute huh.}


Tyler and Andrea said...

LOVE it. Have one. Not with the "&" sign though! Mine also has kids names on it.

The Banners said...

that is too ironic, i was seriously just looking at that exact necklace today on etsy...while i was supposed to be "working" (whatever)...i love it too! and i know what you mean though about having to buy it yourself to make sure you get the right thing! i think i get that from ms. carla j. but better to be safe than sorry ;)