Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Winner

Let us first start by saying how incredibly grateful and happy we are about the turnout for this contest. Thank you for loving us {or loving getting free stuff. either or.}. We also have another exciting surprise...Since we felt like we wanted to give each of you personalized makeovers, we felt bad choosing just one winner. So...we have chosen a second place winner that will receive the following: A "night out on the town" look courtesy of Courtney and Hillary, which basically means that we will style your hair and do your makeup for a special event: i.e. date night with significant other, girls night out, a wedding, or any other event of your desire!!

Without further ado...
Our FIRST place winner who will receive the full makeover is...AUBURN
Our SECOND place winner (mini-makeover) is...KARIN
Congratulations for the winners!!! Email us at to claim your prize and we will coordinate our schedules to beautify you!

By the way, don't fret if you did not get chosen. We are already in the midst of planning another fab giveaway once our blog reaches another milestone!


bailey michael said...

That was fun! Cant wait to see the before and after pics!

SloneFamily said...

Ok... you two are the cutest things ever!

What a fun Blog. I love it. Just sad I discovered it after you FAB giveaway was closed.

-Hey Hillary. Ok Remember whe I saw you at Habit, you seriously had on the cutest necklace EVER... gold with a big H. I need details! Was it a splurge? A steal? Where?

Larry said...

awesome! Can't wait to do the shoot!