Monday, March 29, 2010

Reader Question: SKIN

Our first inquiry is a common one, and it goes like this:

"Hey guy's love your blog, your weekend style post are awesome and made me realize, you guys both have great skin. you should write about your skin secrets. because I am constantly on the lookout for something that works better for my bratty skin."

Now, we are not tooting our own horn here. Both H and I have had skin troubles. I won't speak for her, but to speak for myself, my biggest issue is melasma mask (A.K.A. pregnancy mask) and sun spots. You may be thinking to yourself, Um, Courtney is pretty pale so how does she have sun spots?

Baby oil and hours of laying out, my friends.

You see, I used to think I was naturally tan. Natural, that is, through laying out and going to tanning beds. Those bad habits are long gone, but I am officially stuck with the damage. I did not realize its extent until I went to aesthetics school and looked in one of those mirrors with the black light...Do you know what I am talking about? Anyway, it showcased all my severe damage and, needless to say, after seeing my future wrinkled face, I put an end to my sun worshipping. It has not been easy, mind you.

This is my skin care advice/regimen
{it might sound generic, but the best advice usually is}

Sunscreen!!! Everyday, even if it is cloudy or raining.

Wash your face with a cleanser that is appropriate for your skin type. Don't know your skin type? Here are some simple indicators:
(obviously there are several skin types, and not all respond the same way, but this is a basic lesson, so don't shoot the messenger)

Does your face get shiny throughout the day? Does your makeup not stay on very long? Those are indicators of oily skin. Oily skin is sometimes associated with acne, so it is good to use a cleanser with Salicylic acid in it.
How does your skin feel after you wash it? If it feels tight, you most likely have dry skin and would benefit from a creamy cleanser.

Moisturize! Even if your skin is oily, this is super important. Sometimes dry skin is disguised as oily because the oil is attempting to over-compensate for the actual dryness. Make sense? Use a moisturizer based on your skin moisture needs.

Use serums, and other products (such as spot treaters) as your skin needs arise. For example, for my sun spots I use something with licorice and kojic acid in it, which stops the skin from producing more melanin (color).

Last, but certainly not least, exfoliate!!!! It is super important to exfoliate at least once a week. If you don't, all the good serums and lotions you are putting on your face are going to waste because they cannot absorb into layers and layers of dead skin. Word to the wise: be careful with physical scrubs that have beads or other exfoliants in them. You do not want to scrub your face off. Be gentle and let the ingredients marinate on your gorgeous face and do their job.

And FYI...
My favorite brand of skin care is Image. I like it because they have a little bit of everything for all skin needs. Email us for more information!

Hope this mini-lesson provided you with some answers!!



Scott+Tiffany said...

Does taking off my make up with a disposable cleansing cloth count? : )

The Rogers said...

It does count, just try not to do it every night :)

David and Shalynna said...

This helped! I really need to start taking care of my skin. My skin was one of the only things I was proud of, but after being pregnant and nursing I have turned into a pizza face! I hate it.

I think next on the list to buy would be some skin products. Wish you could be my personal skin care shopper. I get overwhelmed when it comes to this stuff.

Also, my face feels dry after washing it, but I think it's because it's so dry in Utah. This might be a dumb question, but if it's a dry climate I'm living in do I still buy the products for dry skin? Maybe I have oily skin, but since I'm in a dry climate it seems dry? Would that mean I buy products for oily skin? I don't see very man signs for oily skin, though.

Okay enough questions. Thanks for the tips!

Oh and by the way, can we rig the next giveaway to ensure that I'll win? Wouldn't you have fun giving me a makeover?

Kelli said...

I've been considering a clarisonic or a similar product. Have you guys used them? Are they worth the money?