Monday, March 22, 2010

I really love my...

Sometimes for Weekend Wardrobe I am embarrassed to post what I am wearing because it is always the same idea. Skinny jeans, flats, shirt, cardigan. I have a mild (ahem, large) obsession with cardigans. I am seriously starting to panic thinking about the AZ summer, wondering, what am I going to wear?!?! Cardigans are my wardrobe staple and I cannot bear to part with them. Perhaps I will just have to concede to sweat to death in the name of fashion.

This is kind of how my closet is organized (ok, ok. maybe not quite so tidy). I feel the need to have all my cardigans folded in piles according to style (long sleeve, boyfriend, short sleeve, etc.) This way, I can see all my options at once. Well, maybe it is mostly because I try on approximately three cardigans with each outfit and I hate hanging them all back up every time. It is my simple solution.

As for now, I am officially on the lookout for some summer-time cardis that will mix well with the AZ sun (or at least, not give me heat stroke).

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