Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"i really love my..."

I am a repeat-outfit offender. I will gladly admit it. If I was a celebrity, I would be on one of those pages that says "I really love my..." and then has a bunch of pictures of a celebrity wearing the same accessory, shirt, shoes or whatever, time and time again.

Although H and I have several "I really love my..." moments, we would like to document a few of the most recent obsessions that are dominating our everyday wardrobe choices. {not at the same time, of course. you have to stay tuned. so suspenseful}

When I first saw these shoes at Gap, I was with H at Scottsdale Mall and we spotted the beauties at the same moment. This was our conversation:

C: LOOK at those mustard yellow flats! Die.
H: We for sure have to buy those. Look, they have them in our size!
C: I am not spending $40 on those shoes. Everything at Gap goes on sale. I am going to wait.
H: Are you sure? What if they run out?
C: I do this all the time. You just have to keep checking back.

Cut to a couple weeks later, and I have fully decided that I cannot possibly live without the aforementioned shoes. I go to Gap at one mall, sold out. Another mall, sold out. They did not even sell them online! I began to panic.

Soon enough I am on the phone with every Gap in the state {you think I am exaggerating?} desperately trying to locate these dream shoes. "I should have listened to H!"

I finally tracked down ONE pair in MY size at a Gap in west Phoenix. You better believe I drove myself over there right then to get them. Sadly, H never got her mustard yellow flats, and every time I wear them I feel bad that I have them and she doesn't. But not bad enough to give them up or stop wearing them everyday. :)

Want your own mustard yellow flats? Obviously you can't have mine. But you can get a similar style with these {thanks again, Target}.

And if you are thinking: "What would I wear mustard yellow shoes with?" My answer would, of course, be {everything!} They are practically a neutral.

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Natalie Maddon said...

Yellow is my favorite neutral..duh :)