Friday, March 19, 2010

BFF wardrobe

We can't help it if we buy the same things when we go shopping together. In fact, these shirts were buy one get one half off! Score! {you can't blame us, we are so thrifty}

I know you were thinking it, so let's just lay it out on the table.
It's all the SAME:
Shirt {Express}
Necklace {Macy's}
Lipgloss {MAC Smile Dazzleglass}
Winged eyeliner (MAC Blacktrack}

But we swear we did not plan the twisted bangs or wavy 'do. Promise. Strictly coincidence.


SloneFamily said...

I am in love with that shirt.... but can never pull something like that off that is somewhat baggy--- it makes me look chubby. What to do about that Miss Fashionistas??? Tell me how to pull off a cute boyfriend tee!

Em said...

Um can I just say that I love and adore you girls so much!! Seriously, to.die.for you two. Can I please join in some of your fun!?

Larry said...

love the for some pro photos! ;-)