Wednesday, March 31, 2010

swim suit season

i'm one of those people that has a unreasonable amount of swimwear.
this one needs to make the collection. my love of swimsuit shopping is always slighted by the 150 degree arizona weather which inevitably accompanies the season.
and with that i write this letter.

Dear Summer Weather,
Please don't be too hot. I recently purchased my baby this ruched rosette vintage swim cap (found here) and would really appreciate some nice warm weather. Not the kind that turns the pool into a sweltering hot bath and melts my havaianas to the concrete.
sincerely yours,

A couple beauties from J Crew. Simple. Adorable. Crew-style.


kate lines said...

i'm equally obsessed with swimwear. mind sharing where you found the first one? (vintage summer) i'm in love with it...

Jenna said...

Hey Courtney! Jenna I am working on getting rid of my sun spots and wanted to give the line you recommend a shot. Anything you love for sun spots or products to fade pigment? What sunscreen do you LOVE?

JD and Hillary Darner said...


isn't it the cutest? that particular swimsuit was from etsy...which isn't listed anymore...BUMMER! She may bring it back though so keep checking!

PS. There are LOTS of other cute ones on there (keep posted cause I'm sure I'll be blogging about them)

The Rogers said...


I love the Total Skin Lightening Serum in the Image Ageless line. It is pretty inexpensive and has a lot of natural ingredients to help fade sun spots (Rumex, Mulberry, Kojic, Licorice, etc.). You will want to use this serum in addition to exfoliating to really get those dark spots to the surface (I love the Total Resurfacing Masque from Image). The line also has a Skin Bleaching serum that I am scared of because of Hydroquinone. BUT- I think it would work faster if you are used to using HQ.

The sunscreen that I love is either the Image Solar Defense Cream or the Solar Defense Organic, depending on your skin type. I LOVE to use the Organic one on Dean too because it is all physical sun screens, no chemicals!! They also have an oil-free one that is great if your skin is oily.

I have an account with Image so I get the products wholesale. If you would like to make an order, let me know!!