Friday, February 19, 2010

french-inspired everything

today (and always) i'm in love with french-inspired everything

ok. can we talk about how much i LOVE downtown phoenix for a second?
Paris Envy. Melrose Vintage. figs. Rust and Roses.
they are all up and down 7th Avenue and are absolutely fabulous.

Miss Dior Cherie.
love the scent. love their ads even more. i want to hang them up all over my house.

Vincent's Market Bistro
we went for lunch and it was quite lovely. i'm always looking for a new spot and would definetly recommend it. after 11 they give complimentary desserts! although if you take your man there...please forewarn him that portions are small.

a friend introduced me to their Market that is open Saturdays in the parking lot. They set up booths with imported French goodies and have a Brick oven pizza making deliciousness from 9am-1pm until May. Just talking about it makes my mouth water.


The Rogers said...

What the...? I LOVE learning about new things on my own blog. I'm not afraid to admit it.

Porter and Karla said...

im guessing this is hillary writing this one and I have a question. . . by any chance on saturday do they sell the bon bons we could buy from the french club back in the day at poston?? i would pay a small fortune for some as im sure lani would too:) and by any chance do they have a yummy creme brule?? havent been able to find a good one since the buttes stopped offering theirs. . . can you tell I like sugar?

Porter and Karla said...

um, p.s. i am really feeling the need to go buy tanner in a can and orange lippy now, this blog is wonderful but could get me in some spending trouble, courtney you will explain to porter these are necessities right?

JD and Hillary Darner said...

Unfortunatley no bon bons! Can you believe it? haha I totally remember those. And I remember them having lots of different desserts but the one that stuck in my brain were their CREPES. Wow...amazing. They may or may not have had creme brule but I will copy and paste directly from the website some of the things they offer. Definetley makes for a fun Saturday morning/afternoon!

The Camelback Market is designed to have a truly "European" flare with customers urged to take their time in wandering the stalls filled with the freshest local produce available, plus imported exotic fruits and vegetables. It also features warm, crusty breads, buttery croissants, homemade jams, exotic mustards. A wide array of mouthwatering imported cheeses plus Vincent's signature dressings, fresh pasta and pestos are also available.
Patrons can purchase wines by the glass, bottle, or case, and enjoy omelets, and crêpes made to order as well as Vincent's grilled panini sandwiches. In addition, the market features grilled items like shrimp skewers and lamb chops plus the newest addition: Pizzas from our wood-fired pizza oven in a trailer. It's also a terrific place to find gifts imported directly from the south of France, like honey,
olive oil, and French soaps.

The Banners said...

vincents! good times...pretty much like the one and only time we hung out with you and jd. so sad :(
im glad you guys liked it and still go there! we've been hooked for 3 "seasons" now lol...those creamy potatoes never disappoint!
and it doesn't get better than paris envy or melrose obsessed with both!
i'm so glad you posted about these hidden gems, they are my favorites! and the whole world should know about them lol.