Friday, February 3, 2012

fake bake

Please excuse the interruption of our usually scheduled posts. H has had her baby! We will be interspersing some archived gems with new posts. Don't fret, these are oldies but goodies :)

I know everyone has their opinion on the best self tanner. Many a blog post have been dedicated to finding one. People claim, oh this one doesn't smell, doesn't make you orange, blah blah blah.

I know I live in AZ where the sun shines 365 but I can't get myself to suffer the consequences of wrinkles and sun spots and freckles. I am already paying for my youth (ha!) of baby oil tanning sessions. (I should sue Johnson and Johnson for future skin peels and botox treatments). Anyway, this product is the next bestest thing.

For reals. Have you guys heard of FAKE BAKE (not tanning beds, eww. gross.)
Hillary introduced me to this product, cause let's be honest. Friends don't let friends be pasty. (Thanks, Hill)
The airbrush stuff is fanastical. Like you just close your eyes and spray it on and
wa-la!! You are two shades tanner! Hillary likes to put her hair in a shower cap and spray it on while standing in the shower (good idea for blondes) but I just take my shirt off and go to town. Granted, my bathroom counter is orange, but whatev. My face is a gorgeous bronze!
The lotion is a little trickier. You HAVE to use the gloves. But, unlike other tanning products, you can see where you are putting it because it tints your skin immediately! Tan on the spot!

Try it and tell us how it worked out for you!

P.S. If you have a hair or aesthetic license you can buy it at Cosmoprof...if not, sorry charlie, you have to go to Habit Salon!!


caton morris said...

where do i buy this miraculous stuff?!

Larry said...

"friends don't let friends be pasty" two crack me up! Great work on this blog, though. For one who knows nothing in this department, it's pretty cool ;-)

Rachel Hagen said...

So how does this compare to the SUN brand? Many aesthetics girls have recommended that to me. I use it sometimes. Just needing your expert opinion.

Christi said...

I found the lotion at Ulta and YES, it is AMAZING!! Seriously the best stuff.

Brenn said...

Aww, I love Habit Salon! Kristi there is such a gem! Too scared to fake bake (soooooooooooooooo pasty white over here) but I am scared of looking like an Oompah Loompah!!

Brenn said...

Also, baby pics, stat!! Congrats H & co!!