Friday, February 12, 2010

bulls eye.

Target is my go-to. For everything. I go there at least three times a week even if I don't need anything. Here are some recent purchases that are perfection.

Hello there vintage inspired 70's dream dress. You look even better in person than in photos. You go perfectly with my Forever 21 accessories and you look more expensive than your $24.99 price tag (It also comes in red! I own them both...) Nicole Richie would love you and I do too.

Die over this cardigan for baby. And love the price. I have been asked several times where I got it so here is my secret! But why oh why do they only have it up to 9 month size? Dumb. But I am in a forgiving mood because it is so fantastic.
And, no, I'm not too shy to post photos of my adorable baby on here. You wouldn't be either if he was yours (and he owned the aforementioned cardigan.)


JD and Hillary Darner said...

Can I just say...killer. Love me some Target.

ps I saw some cute little boy cardigans at Old Navy today on CLEARANCE and had I been more with it I would have called you. One imparticular reminded me of Dean's signature cardi.

{alisse t} said...

Love and Love.